Let’s Just Jump In Here

Whitewater, CA

Sometimes I just have to jump into things: no over thinking, no weighing the pros and cons, and that is how I am beginning this little blog of mine. I have been thinking of starting this for oh, over two years, but after meeting with some fellow travel writers over burgers and beers, and realizing “I can do this!” did I finally find the motivation and quite frankly the inspiration.

My Story

From the time I was given my first video camera in 5th grade, I knew I wanted to tell stories. At times that looked like different things, but it always meant putting my heart into what I filmed. I’ve been a wedding videographer in Las Vegas, camera(wo)man for a mega church, and a travel videographer. I aspire one day to complete the documentary in my head, but until then I find joy in filming everything from my children’s performances to our travel experiences working for an awesome kid-friendly travel site called Trekaroo.

My Mission

Lord knows I’m not a crafter or recipe inspirer (although I am a mean garage saler), but I do have some life lessons I am going through that perhaps you can relate to. I am a military wife who is not a very good one (i.e., often times I can’t even remember my husband’s rank). But we will be retiring IN A YEAR! and will be going through the process of “getting out” and entering the “real world.” And WHERE will we be going?? We don’t know.

My other life change will be entering the work force again. Trekaroo has allowed me to work from home (and roam the country with my kids), but the deal was, when the youngest entered first grade, it was time for me to enter the world of 9 to 5 again (although in the film business it’s rarely a 9-hour day). But I’m an OLD DOG in this business! Pushing 40, and having been a stay-at-home mom now for almost 10 years, I feel like those 20-year-olds are doing laps around me. But what I don’t know in social media, I soar in sense of humor and make up in work ethic, so let the games begin!

And this is about travel. I’ve been traveling all my life, around the world and back, but in the last decade I haven’t even had my passport stamped. It’s depressing, but it makes me realize there are places all around me to travel to and be inspired by. Travel looks different now as a mom, as a wife, but it doesn’t ever mean it has to stop.

My Name

My grandmother was a columnist named “The River Lady” in West Sonoma County. I wanted to continue her legacy, but a Canadian Real Estate Agent has it now, so I’m beginning my own legacy.

As a crazy, mid-20’s gal, my friend and I explored Costa Rica with an old video (yea, that’s what I said-before digital) camera and a dream to create our show called WIT: Women In Travel. Well, it was never pitched, and marriages and babies happened, and WIT took a sideline. But it’s feeling a rebirth with this blog. This is in no connection to the Women In Travel Summit, which believe me, one day I would like to attend. This is singular (Woman) In Travel because it’s personal, but on the other hand, it’s so many women’s story. Where did my wanderlust go? What does it look like? How do I travel now as an entirely different person from the Free Spirit I once was?

And it’s a dual meaning. We all are traveling…through seasons, through our journeys of life’s joys, disappointments, our own stories. We are always traveling. I am a Woman In Travel.

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