Before and After

 Before and After

I love a good Before and After.

dota 2 matchmaking offline for maintenance An HGTV reveal on Fixer Upper. (Hello kind Texas lady, please come and decorate my home!) A “picked” piece like the metal chair above; spray paint makes everything look better. And best of all, but least of all ever done, I love a good hair before and after. But I did it, I cut SIX inches off of my hair.

site de rencontre femme 77 Hair

rencontres femmes 31 Please excuse the selfie- I am not of the selfie generation and I’ve never learned my “angles.” I prefer the non set-up on the left.

Ch, ch, changes

dating olympia beer cans Now you need to know my emotional relationship with my hair to really know what a big deal this is. I feel pretty with long hair, always have. My mom always said “The only thing we can control is our hair and our weight,” so usually in times of complete chaos in my life, I become a redhead or try the “Meg Ryan” (look that up under-30 year olds). But for the last decade, I’ve kept the standard long, blonde on top, natural on bottom, hair. My life isn’t chaotic, but with change on the horizon, it was time for something new. Plus, I needed hair that maybe looked more “professional” than the bohemian, wild woman look (which I have to admit has worked for me). So before looking for a job, I had my gal cut it off and I didn’t cry! I don’t even regret it two weeks later. And that’s a first. My hair is big (texture-wise), and I still don’t know how to style it, but I needed the change. I relate it to what people with dreads must feel like when they cut them all off. Start new. Start fresh. Change is good. And as my friends who encouraged it said,

It’s only hair.