Day #8 This Boy’s Life

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check my blog I’m not the only one around here thinking of making new accessories. Tonight my son thrusted his wrist in my face when I went to pick him up at Cadet’s. He had “made” himself a leather cuff and stamped his name to make it his own. Cadets is similar to a Boy’s Scout meeting at our local church, except Godly principles are enthused throughout all they do. I so believe in the importance of good men in my son’s life. His dad works shift hours and often misses games or activities, much to his chagrin. But when good men step up and fill in as basketball coaches, and Cadet leaders, and band teachers, my boy gets more adults to look up to and try to emulate. So this simple leather cuff, with a flipped “p” holds a memory for him that I could never have provided him.

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And for that I am grateful.

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