Day #17 Inspired By Nature

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recherche site rencontre gratuit en russie It’s finally feeling like fall here (meaning I won’t sweat if I wear long pants). It takes awhile to get out of the Indian Summer, but once we do, this area starts to show of it’s beauty with bursts of color everywhere. I’ve been playing around with the idea of nature-inspired jewelry. I love gem stones, rather stones in general, but what about other materials to wear? While I’ve been brainstorming how to preserve a leaf as a necklace (one friend pinned a dandelion charm-LOVE!), I remembered that I have a very precious piece of nature in my memory box. I don’t wear it anymore as it’s too fragile. I picked each individual shell off a beach in Kauai and strung them onto this necklace. I’m told that it isn’t even allowed to do this anymore. But for a place in time, I was able to, and it’s a memory I won’t ever forget. I love to hold this treasure and remember the feel of the sand and the water, how the sky was so blue. Im thankful for that moment, and I am thankful for this reminder.

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I am thankful.

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More hints Stellar Neller is a name given to me in high school, and became my production company's name in college when I tattooed the logo on my back. (Hey, we all do stupid things in our 20's.) I'm a woman in travel who's rediscovering what travel is in a new season, re-entering my career field, and looking at a possible move in the next year.

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