Day #3: Grandma’s Jewels

uqoption I was a little homesick today. And by a little, I mean a lot. My 18-year-old nephew graduated from Air Force Basic Training today and all the family was there to celebrate him. All the family, but me. I thought it was a little too soon to ask the new job for some days off. Even in my sadness, my pride for my nephew and his accomplishment out weighed any morose thought. And because I am such a proud Auntie, here’s some photos of the graduate and his family.

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match citas es gratis Sometimes when I miss my family, I bring out a box of jewelry that I’ve never worn, but means the most to me. You have one of those boxes, right? My grandmother Ruth loved costume jewelry and in the 50’s traveled around the world and collected some great pieces. Ruth never had her ears pierced, so I’ve never been able to wear her earrings. But tonight, rolling the bracelets through my fingers and draping the ornate necklaces around my neck, I found a pair of earrings that I thought would be easy enough to transform into earrings I can wear and cherish. The earrings I chose are filigree and delicate. They’ll need to be shined up, but they’re the perfect piece of my grandmother I can take with me in my every day life.

31 days of writing

rencontre femme angola To transform them, I simply opened up the clip that held the clip-ons (using my trusty needle nose pliers), slid some fishhooks in their place, and closed the original clip back up. And with that, the earrings that have been sitting in the treasure box for twenty years, now adorn my ears.

Grandma had some great style!

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