Day # 22: What to Do?

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zoomtrader kritik[showLetter]=C I got this shell in Hawaii a few years back. I found it at the flea market at the stadium on Oahu (a must do if visiting Honolulu), and it was on a necklace that NOW I would love to wear. But for some reason, when I returned home to “real life,” I thought all the beads were too gaudy and the piece was too big, so I deconstructed it. Can you believe it?? I took apart some great beads and stripped the shell of its beauty. Oh, the ignorance!

Learn More Here So I kept the shell thinking I could do something better. In fact, as I write this, I think that perhaps it was actually a belt that I found it on. Hmmm, I bet you it was a great belt. Anyway, its been sitting in that box, the one filled with things I never wear, and it is screaming to be used again. So what do I do? It wants another life, but I’m stumped.

What would YOU do?

Author: stellarneller37

rencontre femme 63 Stellar Neller is a name given to me in high school, and became my production company's name in college when I tattooed the logo on my back. (Hey, we all do stupid things in our 20's.) I'm a woman in travel who's rediscovering what travel is in a new season, re-entering my career field, and looking at a possible move in the next year.