Day #20: Think Outside the Box

Owl 31 days of writing

Back before there ever was a thing called Pinterest, my bestie designed a wedding that blows any Pinterest Board out of the water. She had a zero budget, and through ingenuity, creativity, and a lot of community, her wedding was a rural masterpiece. (I’d post photos but it was the day of film, not digital, and I’m not even sure where those negatives are now after multiple moves.) Along with beautiful, simple decor, she gave us bridesmaids a unique gift that was a twist off the traditional pearls I’ve received from other weddings.

The bride made us a simple necklace made of hemp rope, shells, and one green pearl to play off the customary gift of pearls. It was lovely, and in the country setting, very appropriate. If you are in the midst of “wedding madness preparedness,” take a deep breath, don’t sweat the small stuff, and try to think outside the box when you can.

Because the box ain’t that great.

Author: stellarneller37

Stellar Neller is a name given to me in high school, and became my production company's name in college when I tattooed the logo on my back. (Hey, we all do stupid things in our 20's.) I'm a woman in travel who's rediscovering what travel is in a new season, re-entering my career field, and looking at a possible move in the next year.

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