Day #13: Follow Your Arrow



arrow 31 days of writing

I’m not really a diamonds kind of girl, which you may by now have figured out. What I love most is when someone says “I thought of you when I saw this and had to get it for you.” Whatever sparked a fond thought or familiar memory for that person, means more to me than any diamond in the world. And when it’s a surprise, on a random Monday, it’s even better. My dear friend, knowing my struggles, brought into the classroom a small vile that contained an arrow on a necklace. (Look how cute that packaging is??!!) On the vile it reads “Follow Your Arrow.” I need that right now, and when she saw it, she thought of me and knew that. There’s nothing sweeter than that. I’m not taking this baby off.

When I put my daughter to bed, I reminded her that tonight, October 13th, 10 years ago, is when I went into labor with her, my first born. I had no idea how my life was about to change. How nothing would be the same. My life forever would be so much better because of her.

And then as I spoke the words October 13th, I was reminded this was also the date that I was to be married the first time. And then 13 years ago it was the date that I fell off a cliff and broke my back. Both of those events, although dramatic, had to happen for me to have the best October 13th, 2004, when I was to meet my baby girl. I followed my arrow.

I didn’t always know where that arrow was going, but I’m thankful for it. 

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Stellar Neller is a name given to me in high school, and became my production company's name in college when I tattooed the logo on my back. (Hey, we all do stupid things in our 20's.) I'm a woman in travel who's rediscovering what travel is in a new season, re-entering my career field, and looking at a possible move in the next year.

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