Day# 21: What About Pins? Pins 31 days of writing When was the last time you pinned yourself? I wear tons of scarves, love them, and I think they always finish off my outfit, but let’s revisit pins. I don’t ever remember my grandmother wearing a dress and not wearing a pin. For that matter, I can’t remember my grandmother not wearing a dress. But the pin always made a statement. Maybe a mood, a memory, or just to add a little oomph.  I found a few pins I have in my jewelry connection and tried to imagine them on some of my favorite outfits. Maybe to cover a stain? Maybe to close a vneck that has plunged a little too low? Maybe just to start a conversation.

It’s good to rethink things from time to time.

Author: stellarneller37

cafesalud eps citas internet Stellar Neller is a name given to me in high school, and became my production company's name in college when I tattooed the logo on my back. (Hey, we all do stupid things in our 20's.) I'm a woman in travel who's rediscovering what travel is in a new season, re-entering my career field, and looking at a possible move in the next year.

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